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Address of LLC:

16 Upper Mallow Street
Limerick, Ireland

Please contact to our representative for details:

Phone:   +7 (495) 752-1083
FAX:  +7 (495) 752-1083



Location of the Limerick Language Centre.
How to get here!

Getting to Limerick is easy.


By Air

By Land

Fly to Shannon Airport and we'll collect you from the airport. 20 minutes later you'll be having a cup of tea, 'at home' with your host family. If you arrive in Dublin you will find the transfer to Limerick very easy. From Dublin Airport there are buses directly to both the railway station (Heuston) and Busarus (central bus terminal).  
You can fly to Shannon using the following airlines: Dublin - Limerick by train
2 hours and 10 minutes
Aer Lingus (Irish International Airlines)
Use Aer Lingus to fly to Shannon from London Heathrow, Dublin.

Dublin - Limerick by bus
3.5 hours

We will collect you upon your arrival in Limerick station. 


Use Ryanair to fly to Shannon from Brussels (Charleroi), London (Stansted) and Hahn (near Frankfurt) and Beauvais (near Paris).


Aeroflot Russian Airlines:     
Use Aeroflot Russian Airlines & Aer Lingus for the flights from Moscow to Shannon with change in London.     
For more information on getting to Limerick, contact to our Representative.

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