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Several Types of accommodation are on offer:

Host Family accommodation
We feel all students should spend at least a few weeks with an Irish family upon arrival... it is probably the nicest introduction to a new country. All adult students (17+) have a private room in a lovely home with a warm, caring Irish family. Wherever possible we match students to families based on mutual interests. Our families are known to us personally and most have worked with us for many years. All are inspected annually. We are proud of the welcome our families accord our students.

Our families live in a suburb of Limerick, just a 10 minute bus ride from the centre.

Student Apartment Accommodation
Based just across the river from the city centre (about a 10 min walk). You will have a private room with a private shower, sink and toilet in a comfortable, modern apartment. Some apartments have 3 bedrooms, others 4 and 5 bedrooms. All apartments have a cosy living room and up to date kitchen. Apartments are shared, typically, with other foreign students (from our centre or foreign students attending the various colleges and universities in Limerick) or with Irish students. (Please note: electricity costs for cooking and heating are not included).

Bed and Breakfast Guesthouses
Ireland offers a unique type of accommodation called a B&B?.it is a family home but run like a small hotel. The only meal available is breakfast (a big one!) and there are no cooking facilities. A few B&Bs are located in the city centre, others are situated just outside the centre, about a 15 or 20 minute walk to the school. Prices on request.

Hotel accommodation
There are many hotels in and around Limerick City. Categories range from 2 Star to 5 Star. Prices on request.

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