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Examination Courses

From September until December and from February until June we offer full-time and part-time preparatory courses for those who wish to take the Cambridge First Certificate or Cambridge Advanced Certificate Examinations.

During the summer months of June, July and August classes still operate at these examination levels but at that time of the year we do not concentrate on exam techniques, we focus instead on the development of listening and speaking skills.

Cambridge Proficiency Examination preparation is generally on offer from September until June and then only on a part-time basis, one or two evenings per week.


Placement in an examination level course is at the discretion of the teacher.

Examination level courses run on the same schedule as our Year-round programme. Please click on Courses to get the list.

Many students are interested in taking TOEFL or TOEIC examinations for entry either to an English speaking university or into the international business world. We would like to suggest that the best way to increase TOEFL and TOEIC scores is for you to work your hardest in a general English class at a challenging level. After-hours, those who wish to fine-tune their examination techniques are welcome to use our library of special TOEFL and TOEIC CD ROMs, books and cassettes designed specifically for this purpose.

We are happy to assist our students with registration for all of the above-mentioned examinations. Please note that Cambridge Examinations are held in Dublin and Cork. TOEFL in computerised format is available year round in Dublin and TOEIC is on offer in Limerick a few times a year.

Intensive Programmes

Please contact us if you'd like to organise a course designed especially for you which would offer group tuition in the mornings and private, one-to-one tuition in the afternoons. For those with limited time and a specific goal this is an excellent, efficient option.


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