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Welcome to Ireland
Welcome to Limerick
Welcome to the Limerick Language Centre
A centre of excellence for the Teaching of English

Fully inclusive, Year Round Programme for Adults (17 yrs+) with host family accommodation & meals.



Inclusive, Year Round Programme for Adults (17 yrs+) with student apartment accommodation.


Year Round Programme for Adults (17 yrs+). Class only basis.


Examination Preparation
(FCE, CAE, CPE, TOEFL, TOEIC) and Intensive Programmes.



  Situated on Ireland's west coast, Limerick is a friendly place to study. Although it is Ireland's 3rd largest city, it has only 85,000 inhabitants. Our students tell us it is large enough to offer them everything they think is important in a big city and small enough to make them feel comfortable and at home, even on their first day.

  The school is located in a lovely Georgian style house (pictured right) on a residential side street of Limerick, just a 3 minute walk from the main shopping area.

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We are a medium-sized school and so we can - and do - take an interest in each one of our students. They come to us from many different places: we currently have approximately 75 students from 4 continents representing 36 different nationalities.

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